The Bullseye

by Ace da Vinci

Ace da Vinci // The Bullseye

Look at us, where we’re at
Said a couple things, can’t take em back
tell me how you feel, girl what’s on ya mind
If you’re getting choked up, you can take ya time
Ima sit right there, in my chair
Waiting for you to whisper in my ear
But you dont , no you don’t, what you doin love
I’m doing everything but I can’t do enough
For you, tell me what you to do
You say I can get any dame, but I want you
I was thinking we could try again, I want to
However, if you don’t feel the same way we can’t be together
so hey baby, tell me what you gotta say to me
& from that point on, every thing she said
Hurt a nigga worse than a bullet in the head

It was like I had a bullseye
Sitting on my heartbeat
Yo everytime I walk by, I hope you think about me
I just hope that you remember
All the times we had?

Happy motherfuckin valentines day
Never thought that you would knock me balance, I say
but here I am, looking at you like damn
You looking back at me, like you don’t know who I am
& its hard to understand how it switched up, man this shit sucks
Tell that nigga cupid come back here & fix us
& if not then fuck it, we should give up
You ain’t gotta call, I ain’t gotta pick up
So what you say girl? You wanna walk away girl?
Then be my guest, let me not got in ya way girl
Wish you the best, hope you find what you looking for
Even if you didn’t , you’re still young- look some more
What’s being bitter gon do for me
Jealousys a green, isn’t really suiting me
I’m losing you & you’re losing me
& I walk away, to stop you from shooting me

Ya aiming at the bullseye
Sitting on my heartbeat
& I’m sure that he’s a cool guy
But I know he’s not me
& that’s why you gon remember

but for now I’m letting go (look ma, no hands)

Artwork by Her, production by Her.

Feedback is desired, support is appreciated.

Peace to Ya.


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