The Move

by Ace da Vinci

Ace da Vinci // The Move

Oh my god I feel like the whole worlds underneath me
So high I got the clouds where my feet be
Call me the definition of a sleepyhead with a headache
So for my heads sake, I smoke weed & chill out til my bed breaks
Then I remember that its only a futon
Its time to put my shoes on, yo I wanna move outta here

Clothes in a bag & go- I wanna move outta here.
Holler if ya hear me though.

I wanna move out, I don’t think you fully understand what its about
That’s fully understandable, but let me help you out
Its like a boxing match everytime I’m in the house
Everybody pissed off, like fuck yo couch
I’m tryna keep it positive, go another route
Can’t even have sex, without somebody tryna shout
That right there’s enough to make a nigga pout
Apartment.com yo I’m tryna move out

Oh my god, I feel like the whole worlds fucked up
I really wish that everyone would just shut up
If ya need a roomate, lemme know what’s up
Soon, fuck my own room
I want my own everything, down to the broom
Gotta get my shit together, & when I do
 Ima have a lil get together, finally moved outta here

If you can’t relate to this song, you’ve never had a family.

Click play, enjoy it, share it with the world.

Peace to Ya.


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