I am developing a team.

Poets, lend me your speech. 

     Writers, lend me your quip. 

           Illustrator, lend me your vision. 

               Webmasters, lend me your html.  

Why are you working on your passion alone when there are hands you can reach for?  As an artist, I’ve established solid networks & passionate friends that helped me along the way. I want to continue expanding.

I want to build with you.

You want your voice heard & your work exhibited. We yearn for the same outcome; we need to push as a unit.

I have more & more producers sending me beats, more MCs asking me for features & collaborations. I have a growing number of finished material featuring even some of your favorite Tumblrers.

You should stop wasting time & jump ship.

100% credit for your work, 100% creative control, 100% you.

Phase 1: A Mashtape of Unsigned/Local/Indie Artists, created by Unsigned/Local/Indie Artists. Songs, Beats, Poetry, etc.

Phase 2: A Website showcasing not only the Tape, but Artwork & Illustrations created by You.

Phase 3: More dope shit.

Strength grows in numbers, power grows in solidarity. Lets help each other out & achieve our dreams with the people we believe in.

You can either message or email me for consideration, as this idea is about 20 minutes old haha.

I’m with it- are you?

Peace to Ya.


Get in tune.

Mr. Capital A.
Windy City
MC/ Producer.
Creator of SmartMouf Ent.

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