lemme tell you why how this video came to life.

MARSZ, the producer, dropped a quick beat tape he did. one of the joints from that joint was this one you hear me rapping on. then he proceeds to double his talent by creating a-LA (the crewneck you see me wearing, that of which you can buy right here.)

my video team WeGottaCamera & i put together the concept for the video, & all things were a go. come to find out, one of the video team members is actually my relative through marriage. the location we shot this in is one of the houses i recall visiting almost a decade ago lol. my uncle’s shit.

long story short- 3rd Rock from the Sun is a collective of the blessings from other people. so whether you like the video or not, just know its a sign that i’m moving forward. i think this shit raw as ever.

once again, fucks with a-LA right here.

Peace to Ya.


Get in tune.

Mr. Capital A.
Windy City
MC/ Producer.
Creator of SmartMouf Ent.

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